Episode 17

Nick Pavoldi (Bodywork Professionals)

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Nick Pavoldi, the massage master at Bodywork Professionals! They discuss the many different kinds of massage he can perform, how one of Nick's hobbies transformed into a lucrative side hustle, and the business' unique application of "Gong Therapy"... Don't know what that is? Take a listen and find out!

Episode 16

Brandon Greczkowski & Jaclyn Shyptycki (Purdy's)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Brandon Greczkowski - proprietor of Purdy's Discount Wine & Liquor and olympic-level judoka - and Jaclyn Shyptycki - a marketing mastermind! They discuss the store's stellar business model and offerings, how much work goes into being an olympian athlete, and more in this stellar episode!

Episode 15

Justin Bartlett (Dizzy Chicken)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully tag-teams with Jamie Parillo from the Saratoga History Museum to interview Justin Bartlett, owner and proprietor of Dizzy Chicken! They discuss his culinary background, his history in Saratoga and Glens Falls, the challenges a restaurant can face, and more in this feature-length episode!

Episode 14


In this spooky seasonal episode, our host Steve Cully brings in Jamie Parillo and Charlie Kuenzel from the Saratoga History Museum... To talk about GHOSTS! Ghouls, Wights, Phantoms, Specters; by any name, the remnant energy of the dead given form here on Earth... Get ready for a spine-tingling episode, as they'll talk about several confirmed encounters and readings, the potential history behind the haunting themselves... And our ghastly subjects just may chime in themselves with a few words.

By the way, listeners... The interference and noise in this episode was not added in editing.

Episode 13

Mariah Fortune (Bowled)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully - the greatest podcast host in the (known) universe - interviews Mariah Fortune; Bowled Co. partner, trade show organizer and lacrosse coach extraordinaire! They discuss Steve's most controversial word "culture", the ups and downs of competitive atmospheres, and more in this stellar episode!
Episode 12

Juan Luis Lopez Fons (Emotivo Productions)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully - the greatest podcast host in the universe - interviews Juan Luis Lopez Fons, the head producer at Emotivo Productions! They discuss Juan's interesting youth, his passion for documentary filmmaking, and more!
Episode 11

In-Depth with Josh Cupp (Thirsty Owl Saratoga)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully brings back Josh Cupp for a return interview! He still had plenty to say, and you're going to hear it all here - his special jam-packed weekend, his efforts to cultivate a real family atmosphere in his business... And much much more! Take a listen and find out just what they've got in store for you!

Episode 10

THE MUSICAL!: "Juniper" and Josh Cupp (Thirsty Owl Saratoga)

In this very special tenth episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Josh Cupp, owner of The Thirsty Owl in Saratoga; and "Juniper", a local musician that sometimes plays there! They talk about the Owl and Josh's incredible history, the importance of building relationships to building a business, and - you might have seen this coming, based on the title - a little music! You won't want to miss this landmark episode!
Episode 9

Bob Fitch (Bob Fitch State Farm Agency)

In this episode, our stellar host Steve Cully interviews Bob Fitch, head of the Bob Fitch State Farm Agency! They discuss Bob's history, his choice to start a business instead of climbing the corporate ladder, his business' moral philosophy, and more in this superb episode!

Episode 8

JR Butler (Shift Group)

In this dynamite episode, our host Steve "Scully" Cully interviews JR Butler, the founder and CEO of Shift Group! They talk about the company's focus on hiring athletes, their strong training program, and more in this informative episode!

Episode 7

The Lemon Returns (Aric Lemon - Part 2)

In this episode, our fantastic host Steve Cully has legendary guest Aric Lemon back on the show for another round! They talk about how important drive is to business, how lack of accountability is hurting society, and more in this exciting sequel interview!
Episode 6

Charlie Kuenzel & Jamie Parillo (Saratoga History Museum)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully (who, may I remind you, is the greatest podcast host in the universe) interviews Jamie Parillo and Charlie Kuenzel: Executive Director and President respectively of the Saratoga History Museum! They talk to us about the fantastic exhibits currently on display, the fascinating history behind them, and - perhaps most importantly - the GHOSTS that haunt the halls of the museum! You won't want to miss this episode; ESPECIALLY if you're a Saratoga fan!
Episode 5

Carly Connors (Saratoga Automobile Museum)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Carly Connors, the executive director at the Saratoga Automobile Museum! She fills us in on current exhibits, upcoming events, and more in the Auto Museum's future!
Episode 4

Todd Bailey (Photo, Video & Marketing)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Todd Bailey, the main man behind Todd Bailey Photo, Video & Marketing, and a key member of The Charity Motor Club! They talk about Todd's background, the challenges an agency can face, some muscle car history, and more!
Episode 3

Saratoga YMCA & Senior Center

In this episode, our host Steve Cully has a chat with Scott Clark from the Saratoga YMCA and Lois Celeste from the Saratoga Senior Center! They discuss individual projects, collaboration, and more! Take a listen!
Episode 2

Aric Lemon (ICRYO)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Aric Lemon from ICRYO; a multi-state health & wellness business that offers cryotherapy, IV infusion, red light therapy, and more! Steve and Aric discuss the opening moves of the business, some of the challenges they face in the current market, and more!

Episode 1

Introduction & Individual Analytics

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Mike Nelson from Spa City Digital, and Nick Kolor from Individual Analytics! Mike introduces us to the general concept of this new podcast, while Nick fills us in on what his self-help business is all about!

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